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NewCare MD is built on values. We believe it is our utmost responsibility to show you that we truly care about you and your family. Our philosophy is simple: easy access and transparent pricing. We have all experienced long waits in a room full of sick people and appointments that are weeks out. And would you ever go to the grocery store and shop if the prices weren’t on the shelf? NO!!! Then why do we accept that ‘it’s just how it is’ and leave the doctor’s office without getting any indication of how much our visit was until we get a bill in the mail weeks later?
At NewCare MD we want to be your physicians. When you call or stop by our office you’ll be warmly greeted by one our nurses or physicians. We believe that too many middlemen have gotten in the way of the physician-patient relationship. We don’t work for the insurance companies, we work for you.
We use the innovative model of direct primary care in which members pay a flat, affordable membership fee directly to their physician, there is no third party billing. Members have extraordinary access to their physician all for the cost that is less than the average cell phone bill — starting at just $69/mo for an individual (view full pricing here). This approach cuts out the middleman and physicians are accountable first and foremost to their patients.
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