Are you a symptom searcher?


Cyberchondria...yep, you have your own term now. You are a symptom searcher. What does it mean exactly? Cyberchondria is a designation given to those who research AND diagnose an illness online. And it's not just you. Research shows that of the 81% of U.S. adults (that use the internet) 59% are using it to find [...]

Happy National Oreo Cookies Day


It's also National Dentist Day. Coincidence?  Probably not. We hope you enjoy those delicious chocolate cookies, but only in moderation.  If you find yourself inhaling Oreo cookies faster than the speed of light, call us to schedule your doctor-supervised medical weight loss program: (769) 300-0700.  With direct primary care, weekly weigh-ins and consultations are free [...]

February is Heart Month


Love your heart all year long. You've probably seen every cardiology clinic in town advertising testing specials during the month of February to raise awareness of heart disease. While that's pretty important, we think you should take care of your heart every day and not just the shortest month of the year.  NewCare MD patients [...]

Drug Costs Are Out of Control


A Nightmare Wrapped in an Enigma Last week a friend of mine posted a rant on Facebook that quickly went viral. My friend is a seasoned pharmacist who cares for her regular patients and will heartily go to bat with any organization that comes between her patients and the medicines they need. Her rant went like [...]

Opening Day – The Doc Is In!


NewCare MD brings Direct Primary Care to Central Mississippi On January 3, 2017, Central Mississippi scored its first direct primary care clinic with the opening of NewCare MD in Madison. Dr. John Vanderloo, formerly of the University of Mississippi School of Medicine, officially saw the first member patient early Tuesday morning.  With direct primary care, [...]

Lab Fees Are Crazy, Y’all


When That Big Insurance Discount Really Isn't Recently I had some blood work done because my physician at the time ordered a full array of tests. No big deal, I show up at the lab where they draw my blood and in under 10 minutes I'm out the door.  Great news, my blood work came back [...]