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Rising healthcare costs have been brutal on us all but especially so in the small business world. While this isn’t news to small business owners, there is a new approach to healthcare that is making headlines — Direct Primary Care (DPC). Over the last couple of years DPC has been the featured topic on the likes of the Sean Hannity Radio Show, The Hill, and NBC Nightly News.
How does DPC work you ask? It’s simple — members pay a flat, affordable membership fee directly to their physician, there is no third party billing. Members have extraordinary access to their physician all for the cost that is less than the average cell phone bill — starting at just $69/mo for an individual (view full pricing here for non-business membership). This approach cuts out the middleman and physicians are accountable first and foremost to their patients.
Our business partners get a flat $60 per individual no matter the age of the employee plus much more.
How does this help small businesses? Small business owners love DPC because it gives them a competitive edge while offering amazing care for what covers 90% of an individual’s healthcare needs.
This is Healthcare the way it should be.™
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