Dr. Micah Walker


I am Dr. Micah Walker, and I believe that relationships are important.  In fact, the patient-doctor relationship is the foundation of quality medical care.  How much time do you get with your primary care doctor during a clinic visit?  How well does your doctor know you and your family?  How accessible is your physician?  Can you get a same-day appointment?  Do they provide house-calls and after-hours care?  Are they available by phone or  during reasonable hours?

With primary care physicians caring for 2500 plus patients to generate the revenue necessary to sustain a modern medical practice, doctors are pressed for time.  They need to see 25 to 30 patients per day to meet their goals.  That is 3-4 patients per hour in an eight hour clinic.  No wonder patients feel that they don’t get the attention that they deserve.

At a time when patients are unsatisfied with the attention provided by their physicians and physicians are unsatisfied with the burdens of bureaucratic red tape, a better solution is needed.  That solution is a simplified delivery model for primary care that eliminates the waste inherent to today’s 3rd party payer system.