Cyberchondria…yep, you have your own term now. You are a symptom searcher. What does it mean exactly? Cyberchondria is a designation given to those who research AND diagnose an illness online. And it’s not just you. Research shows that of the 81% of U.S. adults (that use the internet) 59% are using it to find information about their health. And just in case you weren’t aware of it — the internet doesn’t always tell the truth. Don’t agree? Let me ask you this — Did you really LOL the last time you wrote those three letters? Exactly.

Take a look at this infographic for more stats on self-diagnosis.

So what’s the answer? We believe it’s a relationship with your physician. Someone who knows you and your family well enough to listen to your concerns, review the facts with you and help you come to the correct diagnosis. Direct primary care is sweeping across the nation.

Our membership guarantees unlimited same or next-day visits by capping the number of patients per
physician at about a third of the typical number for traditional practices. Our clinic’s patient benefits include increased appointment time with your physician, visiting the clinic as often as needed with no office copay or deductible, access to at-cost pricing on medications, lab services and imaging, annual wellness exams, house calls when appropriate and the option to text your physician if you don’t have time for a visit. Care plans range from $30 a month for individuals under the age of 18 to $180 for families of six. One-time visits are also available.

It’s time to experience healthcare the way it should be… and stop losing sleep because you’ve diagnosed yourself incorrectly.

Check out our pricing page to see what plan fits you and your family the best.