Dr. Chloe Kilman

Dr. Chloe Kilman is following in the footsteps of generations of physicians in her family. Like her great grandfather before her, Dr. Kilman believes medicine has always been about building strong relationships with patients and serving them with sincere care and compassion. It is this passion for her fellow man that drives the Shreveport, LA native to give back to others. Dr. Kilman has participated in multiple medical mission trips overseas and supervised teams of medical students at the Jackson Free Clinic during her residency at UMMC. But Dr. Kilman’s journey to LSU’s medical school was somewhat unconventional. She graduated from Centenary College with a degree in Fine Arts. “I had always wanted to be a doctor, but during my premed years as an undergraduate I discovered art and thought medicine just wasn’t for me. After graduation I took the next four years to explore life and it was during that time that I was drawn back to my love of medicine,” said Dr. Kilman. She dedicated the next 10 years to pursuing her dream of being a physician. She entered med school quite a bit older than her classmates as she spent several years going back to school to pick up the premed sciences she needed. In 2014 Dr. Kilman graduated from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and began her residency and fellowship at UMMC with an emphasis in Family Medicine and Geriatrics. She joined the NewCareMD team in 2018. Like her fellow physicians at NewCare, Dr. Kilman believes the current healthcare system is broken and many patients never receive the care needed to sustain a good quality of life. “I believe in Direct Primary Care because there are fewer barriers to patient care. It’s medicine like it used to be practiced when my great grandfather knew all his patients and cared deeply fothem. He was known to accept a chicken in exchange for payment. I would like to get back to serving our fellow humans with care and compassion, and to putting their welfare first above all thingsThat kind of approach to medicine is what NewCareMD allows me to have.